Interactive Voice Response : How to optimize your call center


The IVR, or Interactive Voice Response, is a must-have for your call center. Customized features allow you to guide your prospects and customers in the best possible way: you provide efficient and relevant answers to your customers’ requests. An automation asset that ensures a seamless and efficient call center on a daily basis. We introduce you to this specific software and its many advantages.

What does an IVR consist in ?

IVR is a technology linked to your phone system that allows you to automate a first welcome message for your customers. When they contact your call center, they are immediately taken care of by an automatic menu that guides them according to their requests. Voicemail messages can be configured according to the different options related to your business and can be used for banking services, train or flight information, bill payments or even insurance.

By simply selecting numbers on their phones, your prospects are then directly put in touch with the department related to their request. This autonomous orientation is possible thanks to real-time DTMF tones. With simple or complex menus, an Interactive Voice Response can manage and handle a large number of calls. Besides the very fast service offered to your customers, it is also an opportunity for your employees to be available to deal with some more complex situations of certain prospects.

What are the advantages of this phone software ?

The automation of a telephone answering service offers you many advantages to boost the efficiency of your business. With a reduced waiting time for your prospects and a tool that is perfectly adapted to your field of activity, you improve customer satisfaction. Being autonomous, they can quickly access the appropriate services and no longer have the feeling that they are wasting time by being transferred from one person to another. In addition, some IVRs offer 24/7 response for a service available to all.

With an efficient and customizable software, you can change your welcome message in a few clicks, in order to take into account a current event or to better meet your customers’ expectations. This way, you modify your customers’ journey in real time and offer them the image of a highly professional and quick to respond business. The statistics and data delivered by your IVR also allow you to manage your agents in an optimal way. The average waiting time and the number of people on the line are an opportunity to efficiently distribute your call flows and therefore quickly adjust your team size. You reduce expenses with resources that only correspond to the needs of your activity for an optimal business development.

With the right IVR, your call center gains in effectiveness and reactivity. Reassured by a rapid response, your prospects and customers stay online and you multiply your sales while improving the customer experience. An essential tool to help your business grow without compromising the quality of the service provided.

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